West Ham 1-2 Liverpool: Matip header lets Reds get away with a win

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Liverpool with shaky defensive moments but scrape win in an entertaining affair.

  • The West Ham goal was something beautiful. The team play, give and go from Lucas Paquetá, and then the shot – wow. Also caught on TV right after – Jurgen Klopp screaming at Matip to get tighter.

  • Speaking of Matip, what a thumping header. Sure, he was wide open, but after just not scoring on previous set play, it was fitting he scored directly from the corner in the ensuing one.

  • I was really eyeing Matip in this game, since he started in place of injured Konate (more on that later) and this is now the first game where Trent Alexander-Arnold was playing in midfield without Konate behind him. Matip isn’t as quick or athletic, so this was a big test. I thought he did pretty good (in terms of covering TAA), and West Ham are better than Leeds and Forest.

  • Ibrahima Konate: I’m officially concerned. He was a no go this game due to a ‘knock’. It’s happening far too often, and I file him now in the ‘injury prone’ folder. He was already missing games for this reason, I know. In fact, I’m pretty sure he was injured when we got him. This instance now, just puts me past the tipping point officially.

    Out of four senior, start-worthy centre-backs (not counting Nat Philiips), we only have Virgil van Dijk who can be relied upon in terms of availability. Konate/Matip/Gomez can be amazing one game, then injured in training and out for months, the next.

  • Gakpo continues to impress. That goal was so accurate, to the point it hit of the left post, just past the goalie, and rifled in. Love his movements. More and more Firmino like.

  • Not liking Nunez getting 13 minutes (plus stoppage time), coming in at 77 mins. I don’t mind him coming off the bench, but a bit earlier please. Jota deserves his starts right now.

  • Curtis Jones: still quietly, having a great run of games in midfield! Don’t blink now.

  • Fabio Carvalho made the team sheet. Progress. Which is kind of crazy.

  • I enjoy seeing David Moyes. He always looks like somebody’s confused uncle.

  • Okay: that VAR decision for Thiago’s handball. Wonderful. I was sure they were going to turn it around. It looked bad, in terms of how it hit off Thiago’s hand twice. As I mentioned before, I think there’s way too many handball decisions given. In this case, it was clear Thiago only put it his hand out to catch himself as he slipped and fell, and the ball was so close to his body there’s no way he could’ve gotten it out of the way. Great non-call. A rarirty.

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