Liverpool 1-0 Fulham: Salah penalty scrapes win as TAA officially starts as a MF

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Liverpool won a somewhat lackluster game which was exciting in parts, thanks to some more defensive instability that caused chances on both sides.

Also of note, the first game where Trent Alexander-Arnold was officially listed in midfield (with a back 3) at least on one broadcast (Peacock):

Yet elsewhere, it showed typical 4-3-3:

A word on Salah: another game, another penalty scored, but he went straight down the middle again. It’s clever, sure, but the cynic in me sees this as him making sure the only way he can be on target is by shooting down the middle. Meaning: he’s not actually confident in his penalty ability. His last two penalty misses, were blown wide and over the top, nowhere near the net. Maybe it’s smart, probably. But I’m still not sure in his penalty taking right now.

Speaking of penalty: I thought about this for a while. It’s a soft penalty. Let’s be honest. Penalty, sure, but really soft. I’d be more annoyed as a Fulham fan, at the defender (Diop) for being unaware of his surroundings and kicking out like that. Great effort by Darwin Nunez to press him and get to the ball first.

Winners and Losers:

  • Winner: Alisson. Continues to save Liverpool game after game. Let’s be clear, Trent Alexander-Arnold in midfield is great, but smart opposing teams are making the run to find the space in our back line, and the only reason we haven’t been punished more often is due to our goalie.

  • Loser: Kostas Tsimikas. What does this guy have to get more game time? He didn’t blow the roof off the stadium with his performance, but I thought he deserved to play the whole game. Robertson could easily have been rested. We have decent cover here, let’s use it fully.

  • Winner: Luis Diaz. Another start. Another solid outing under his belt. He is box office. He just has moves and does things most of the other players can’t. So, SO good to see him back. Wrap him in cotton wool.

  • Winner: head official Stuart Attwell, just for not being Paul Tierney, with Klopp on the sidelines.

  • Winner: 4th official. Didn’t get chewed out by Jurgen Klopp.

Random Thoughts:

  • Harry Wilson: good to see him. He was a talent, I was disappointed he never made it to the first team. He should’ve taken the free kick in this game for Fulham, surprised he walked away (I guess he had no choice).

  • Willian: can’t believe this guy is still in the Premier League, and doing well by all accounts.

  • João Palhinha looks like a wicked player. Hell of a bargain buy (£20 million from Sporting Lisbon) for Fulham. Liverpool do need midfielders….🙄

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