Liverpool 2 – 2 Arsenal: A hell of a game but bittersweet result

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What a game. What a (disappointing) ending. This picture is the burning image in my head from it:

The chest that was not to be.

How could Konate not score there!? Initially I was flabbergasted Konate didn’t go for the diving header, and I think that still should’ve been the case. However, perhaps I should actually be impressed that Ibu contorted his body, in the moment, and tried to just chest it into the net. I guess I’m just more bothered than anything that Ramsdale saved it.

Speaking of whom, I think Ramsdale should be the England goalie, it’s a no brainer.

Writing this after a few hours, with a cooler head, it was a fair result. Logically, a draw against the league leaders is a decent outcome. Especially, having come back from 2-0 down.

It looked ugly in that first half for a bit when Arsenal went up 2-0 and felt like we were in for a hammering.

Random thoughts:

  • The draw essentially ends any realistic hope of the Top 4, in my eyes. It’s crazy that we’re still technically in it, but even though I hold out hope, this had to be a win. 2 points from City/Chelsea/Arsenal is simply not good enough. Hope Bellingham loves the club enough to forego a year of Champions League!
  • The first Arsenal goal, I have no idea what van Dijk was doing. He basically played it back perfectly to Arsenal on that fast break. He was better as the game went on, but it is alarming how much he’s receded. Mind you, him receding means he’s still one of the best CBs, just nowhere near the best anymore.
  • Speaking of van Dijk, I also thought he should’ve done much better for the second goal. He was nowhere near Jesus for that header. How did Jesus get so free between two Liverpool defenders?

  • The game turned when Alexander-Arnold got into a tête-à-tête with Xhaka. Can’t remember if it was Jamie Carragher/Gary Neville/Martin Tyler, but one of them said that was the most they’ve seen TAA defend himself in the last 5 years. On the basis of how the game turned, maybe he should get into a few more scuffles like that.

  • Salah: he’s gotta stop taking penalties. I’m sorry. I was watching the game with a few people, and called it right before he even took it; that not only would he miss, but it wouldn’t even be on target. I get one penalty miss shouldn’t mean you get taken off, but it’s two crucial penalties in a row now where it was nowhere near. Sure, Milner wasn’t on the pitch, but let someone else try. I’d even let Fabinho take it, he has a higher penalty rating – and he used to take them for Monaco. I know he’s been absolute trash this season, but I’d argue a penalty is the perfect opportunity for him to boost his confidence. My guess is it would at least be on target.

  • Alisson, while being our player of the season (because the rest of team has been abhorrent), scares me more and more every time he tries to play out. It looks like he’s getting closer and closer every time to giving the ball away dangerously to the opposing striker.

  • I thought Xhaka would get a second yellow/lose his head and get ejected for sure. He really has matured.

  • The more I see Gakpo, the more I like him.

  • So fitting that Firmino scores shortly after he comes on, he loves playing against Arsenal. His header was so impressive. Falling away, couldn’t generate much power, he directed it perfectly. Wow.

  • Leandro Trossard simultaneously looks like he’s 25 years old and 55 years old. I’ve never seen him NOT look like he didn’t get hammered the night before and stay out late.

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